Little Do You KNow


Yeah, I'm white

Never Been in a fight

But my dream is to knock out some lights

Talkin' 'bout dreams,

one-a mine's to be free

Ya see, my parents lock me down with a key

Yo, little do you know about me

Imma be a 'G' 

Imma move to Detroit

I'll prove I ain't no white girl puss

I ain't thinkin' imma be famous

But really, who do you think I am?

It's not like I'm driving a mini white van

As a matter of fact

I'm as poor as all of you who make pacts

thanks to all this flipping tax

You think my life is prime?

I can't even rhyme!

But you dont hear me whine

You see, I wanna rap

Move to Detroit, but not take any caps

Think again. 

Do you really know me?


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