The Course of a Heart

Tue, 03/31/2015 - 23:17 -- tokii

The wind and I stand abreast

Aboard the wide, white-washed patio

This quiet place serves as the bridge of my ship

It is here that my imagination rigged the boat

Here is the location of my ship’s wheel

And from here I set sail

And began my everlasting voyage


My mind, for a time,

Has been given the position of Captain

And my heart has temporarily been named

The Chief Navigator

I look out at the earth

At the wide expanses of land

And numerous landforms abroad


I lean out over the railing of my humble vessel

The tickling fingers of the wind draw me back to safety

And the breeze flicks my hair in motherly admonishment

My mind scans the spacious skies

And the bright morning light shines upon my uplifted face

The rays scatter and splinter from their source the sun

And splash the world with their gay colors and lightness


Tranquility fills my being but the beauty of what my eyes behold

is not the root of my peace

My mind is secure and sound simply due

to one, single fact

My mind is clear and as cloudless as

the brilliant, blue sky above

This is because I know where my vessel is taking me


I am the one in charge of steering it

The location that I am seeking and searching for

And the coordinates that I am sailing to

Are not unknown and yet aren’t mine

The place that I am sailing to is one

That was revealed to me long,

long ago


I have peace of mind because of where I am going

My course is set

And the wise wind carrying me

will not waver

My heart has locked on

this single location

And my path is straight

While my course is true

My destination has been pinpointed exactly

And I know what I must do


No matter what storms may face me

And regardless of the dark, dead, swirling pits

of the unknown deep down below

I must not let my mind waver

Or allow my Captain to be led astray


Despite the inevitable darkness

That may enshroud the sky

Or the fear that one day

My friend the wind may stop blowing

And leave me alone in the cold

The dreaded thought that the wind

may die and lie stagnant and waiting

Me left abandoned wallowing in the expanses

of the dreary, dull, gray sky


My heart has found a purpose

And does not wander aimlessly around

But my Navigator has deciphered

the coordinates underlying the path of life

My heart has set a course that will not waiver

My ship is sailing straight


My mind is firmly planted upon the bridge

Steering the giant, ship wheel with

Two strong and steady hands

My imagination is looking forward

At both the beauty and the promise

Laying before my eyes on the path ahead


I stand with my head held high

Aboard my humble vessel

I have a peace that envelopes my mind

Because my course is set

I’m sailing straight with the wind at my side



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