Waiting (part 2)


Last night I prayed for you;

I asked God to keep you safe for me, I laid in my bed

Wondering if you had the chance to steal a glance of me last night, because

I awoke from a dream with the honesty of your kiss on my cheek

I haven’t even met you yet and I’m already blushing

I’m already whispering your name into my sheets

Haven’t even touched your palms long enough to know what it feels like to be your blessing and yet you’re already mine

And I’m already missing you

You have a moonlight smile that glows on your sun kissed skin

You smile with eyes as the rising sun, looking for God in the flutter of my heart

Your arms are boulders holding the most sacred parts of me

I am secure in the warmth of your touch

I find joy in your laughter; there is comfort here

I have stepped into your backbone and you into mine just so we can feel what it is like to be one

Each night is a dream I never wanted to wake up from and

Last night I awoke in your heart with the hopes of lying there forever

The sacred parts in which I found comfort, I called home

Somehow your soul earned wings and flew into my heart, with the intentions of never landing on love, but you did and

Because of you I know what it is like to step into a dream (Alysia Harris; Death poem)

And to love in permanent ink (Jasmine Mans; Dear Ex-Lover)

And to dance even when no music is playing

You are a gentlemen I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet and even


At the moments when you have crossed my heart

I speak of you as if I heard your name before; as if you were my native tongue, the taste is nothing new, but familiar,

Almost like you whispered it this morning, fresh, left it brewing in my heart with the aroma of brown sugar sweet on your lips

What pleasure it is to have almost known you before the preacher declared their last word

Before the vowels were said

And our inward smiles

Glanced at the face we will soon nickname our dream and

Still haven’t seen you face to face and you are just as real as the day that I have met you and

I must say I enjoy your company

We are traveling moments

Each step, the pathway to a new memory

Every gleam, glint, or glance is held longer than the length of its meaning

We hold the galaxy in our eyes just to remind us that we love beyond the stars

That our lips linger beyond the sunrise

That our hands find each other in the dark

That we make love as if God is coming back tomorrow

We are wishing well deep in hips and thighs and legs intertwined

Waist and pelvis’ moving like tidal waves ready to call a storm

We are morning kisses with late night tendencies

We hold hands tighter than our daughter who gets a little shook when lightening comes

We smile as if every day is our wedding day

We kiss like we just said “I do,” because every day is a lifetime commitment we love waking up too

                                                  You are my present before my future ever meets you

You are my love even you think you are a day of disappointments

Our heartbeats are eternity

Our love is eternity

And even on our silent days we scream eternity

We are not perfect, but worth the wait, worth the blessing, worth every moment

So on the day we finally meet I will ask how long have you been waiting for me? I hope you haven’t been waiting long


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