Our (a)wake

Thu, 05/30/2013 - 21:30 -- femd222


United States
30° 27' 53.7408" N, 84° 23' 8.6784" W

The beast in me has woken up. The howling of the light that shone through my soul untied the knot of frenetic encapsulation.
I remained speechless at the tender tickling tickling at the tendrils that held onto the darkness of my soul’s shadow. I felt the teeth of the gnawing bug of youth again, almost like that curling of the toes you feel when you see him.
“Hope!” it screamed in agony.
“Reconciliation!” my body and soul exclaimed in unison.
The wheels turned and triggered the dominoes of perfect puzzles of systematic innards.
The quiet voices screamed.
The soft feathers burned.
I didn’t know what this meant anymore, but I knew it was a river.

The beast awoke.
It walked on each vertebra. I turned my head and gazed upon it. It was so benevolent, so innocent. So virginal in its bloody suit, so meaningful in its 18 years of sleep. What a beautiful romance it has built. The mirage of the 21st century.
The ridiculous (but guilty) dreams of unity in youth. The confusing ideas of future and success. Success in emotion, success in growth. Success in the sex. Success in the wave.
Our wave. Their wave. The new. Wave. W- a - v- e…

It has come? It has? So soon? No. So opportune! For we are Creatures of the calm, Creatures of the now, Creatures of the change. The ticking, tickling tail of timeless ticks. The ticks of blood, the ticks of the drips, of the drips in their suit. It’s our drips on the drips of our teeth of our beast. The covered beast. The timeless beast…

Let’s not betray. Let’s unite. I might be alone in this timeless plight. But we should.
The racket. The rapping. The noises of the rats that do all this tapping. Disappear in your pus. Disappear in your blindness. Gaze upon our beauty. Gaze upon the home.
Open your eyes to the real purpose of our existence: Create. Create. Create.


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