Upon this dusty track

Upon this dusty track I roam to see what I will see

What will come and what has been, all that time brings

And on this trip I laid my sight on an old worn memory

Of two children who were young and full of  innocence


Our laughter rang through my ears with a youthful mirth

But suddenly began to fade and ring darker in my head

Her smile grew cold, her back turned, I was on my own

And I look back and see a loss of a girl I used to know


To the future my gaze shifts but through the dust I'm blind

The veil before my eyes, blessing or surprise behind?

Do I dare to hope? Should I fear the hidden path I walk?

The past is tainted but the future seems bright at last.


Upon this dusty track I roam to see what I will see

The past is but a guide of what we've been through

The future just a mere glimpse we cannot fathom

This presnt changes all, this dusty track we each roam






This poem is about: 
Our world


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