I believe in you, 

the way you believe in me.

My weaknesses, from me, you drew.

Inner beauty, in me, you see.

With no hesitation, I knew.

You were and always have been the one for me.

My love for you

is deeper than the great blue sea.

You were one of very few,

who helped me become the me I have longed to be.

Not one moment of our past would I undo,

for our future is all I am able to see.

My feelings towards you could never be more true,

as you have let me be me.

I believe in you.

the way you believe in me.

I believe in us,

because you believe in me.

I believe in me,

because no one, until you, did.


ps. I love you now and forever. You are my heart, my soul, my life, my forever. 

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