To Grow Myself, Then Become a Mother

Thu, 04/14/2016 - 20:23 -- AnaKing

I’ve always lived 

as though the Lord can give 

and can take away.

I try not to cling to things of this world 

not a person, place, 

or possible possession

is so important that my world would


when this inferential “thing” is taken away. 

I don’t have something I can’t live without. 


But when thinking of my future,

there are so many things I could mutter, 

So many dreams

that I can’t live without.

One desire of my heart trumps all

without doubt.



My dream, beyond any other

to grow myself, then become a mother. 


One who prays for her children.

One who tells them to dream

and I want to watch as their aspirations gleam

in their pretty little eyes

like the sun does

as it starts to rise


I will watch in awe

as my baby is born an innocent creature.

innocence that can be displayed in the nude.

No other creature can capture an honest heart while unclothed 

and attempting to walk in a drunken brood.


I can not live without the dream 

of being pregnant.

I can imagine growing up 

and having something grow inside of me. 

Is there a more magical success in life

than having a child?


Suddenly waking up one day,

a day like any other,

and discovering it is your time.

Your time to be a mother.


This is something close to my heart

This is the thing I can not tear apart 

This is the dream I am preparing for

I do not think I can ever hope for more

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My family
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