Of Kids & Nations

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Of Kids & Nations


A little boy was asked

To try to surpass

The kid in front of him.

This was part of a lesson at gym

When he was five,

But he took it for his life.


He learned that sometimes there'll be obstacles

And some may lead to hospitals,

But none of them are optional.

He knows if he overcomes he’ll be unstoppable.


Back then he did it for popsicles,

Now he strives for the impossible.

He wants to be in chronicles.

Many tell him he’s illogical,

That he’ll never go past an article,

But he doesn't really care.


Only he can set his limits

And right now he doesn't see one,

He’s never stopped trying to outrun

And he’s not even close to done.

He knows there will be enemies,

But he will try to top them endlessly,

They will just sigh helplessly.


And he will feel good, but eventually,

He will taste the inequality.

He’s always seen he’s different physically,

But now he feels he’s different mentally.


He was proud of his identity,

He was proud of acting differently,

But then different became lonely

And now he lives without serenity.


He can feel the looks of people,

They even watch him through the door.

He thinks people are just evil,

But he still doesn't feel as equal.


Maybe then it didn't show,

But he was meant for something else.

He was given what he could handle,

And he was treated like a vandal,

“Always making up a scandal”


He tries to tell them

It’s not that great being him,

But they would always say sarcastically

“It sure isn't’t fun being the best,

You get to look down at all the rest”


He’d explain, with all behind

His only opponent is him,

The only thing that’s left to do

Is to help somebody through.

But they see his help as arrogance

And deny without some tolerance.

That is how he learned of ignorance

He now aims to take out of his existence

Putting up with people who treat him with indifference.

He now knows if he’s not understood,

He will not be treated like he should.


People always did what they could

To make him see what he could not.

“You’re not made for this.

Don’t aim, you know you'll miss”

But he never believed them

He believed in himself instead

He believed he was just cut out for everything


He had what he needed

And he needed what he had.

He didn't want more than that

With more stuff to carry he’d fall flat.

He didn't need something to look at,

He had his future as a view.

That’s how the little boy at gym

Surpassed what was planned for him.

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