Building MY Better Future


I was 12 years old, sitting on the front porch.

Parents arguing inside, about money of course.

When I grow up, none of this,

No paycheck-to-paycheck living,

No worrying about making ends meet,

No shitty dead end job that I hate.

I want more, I deserve better.

This cycle stops with me.


16 years old and just got my license.

Gaining more independence every day.

Tutoring peers to make my own money.

Don’t have to ask parents anymore.

Saving up for bigger and better.

College will soon be staring me in the face.

No idea what I'll major in,

But I’ve got time…


20 years old and still clueless.

About 60 credits to my name,

But no major declared yet.

Soul-searching, trying so hard.

What am I meant to do with my life?

And why can’t I just figure it out already?

Determined and not giving up,

One more class is all it took…


22 years old and so close!

The end is near, just one more year!

Fell in love with Sociology

No regrets, no doubts!

Pursuing my BA degree at my dream school,

Interning in my field of study,

Stressed to the max,

But wouldn’t trade for anything.


At 23 years old, I’ll be the first…

The first in my family to get a BA,

To not live paycheck-to-paycheck,

To have a bigger and brighter future,

To be a role model to my family,

To truly live my dream.

Happy tears will be flowing heavily,

This is everything I’ve ever wanted!

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