Black Cat, Cracked Mirrors. Free from Fate, Free from Fears


United States
27° 56' 50.7912" N, 97° 12' 2.0916" W

You don’t know what I’m talking about
You don’t know what I want
You don’t have the ability to read my mind

I won’t be controlled by you
I’ll do what I choose to do
You couldn’t manipulate me even if you want to
I know your every move

I might be obsessed
I might be possessed
Who knows?
But I will NEVER be oppressed

I’m not your puppet
Don’t try to regain youth through me
I’m not your toy
And no, I’m not normal if that means surrendering to the conformity ploy
I am an intelligent being!
I am more than society is capable of seeing.
I am a woman
A powerful individual
Full of strength and passion
Not to be contained by twisted ration

I’ll sever the strings!
I’ll bust the iron cage!
Lord have mercy on the target of my rage!

You’re no role model
You’re no mother
You’re no friend, no family
You have no place in my life with me

Do you know it all?
Do you like to play pretend?
Are you just that insecure?
Are you empty inside?
How are you still in denial?
How are you so old, yet so juvenile?
What do you expect me to do?
What do you gain by pestering me so?
Who is actually unhappy?
Who is the real problem?
Where is the solution?
Where were you when I actually needed you?
Why aren’t you answering my questions?
Why can’t you listen?
Is this how you treat those dear to you?
Is this really what I deserve?

Don’t push your life on me
Don’t compare me to anyone else
Don’t try to predict my shortcomings
Can’t you have faith?
Can’t you be true to yourself?
Can’t you get a new hobby?
Won’t you just sit on the sidelines and support me?
Won’t I ever be good enough, even great?
Won’t you give me even a little space?

You’re a manipulative, miserable, washed-up, gypsy wannabe
Here’s a tarot card for you
I’ll rebel against anything you tell me to do
Because you don’t deserve a dream come true.



I found the pattern of questions you do to be very interesting; the way you used each question word twice

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