We are ever-changing,

Constantly running through a cycle,

Sometimes in circles like a unicycle.

We are the washer and dryers of life,

Rolling onto our second load.


Everything changes but we are still in the same bubble.

Things I thought were good before aren't so much now;

Frustration is present

Along with resentment.

So much time wasted running after an image

That would eventually fade.

I guess I can sit here with my top hat and journal looking like the president

And simply say,

Nothing is as important as the journey-

The passage,

The way,

The steps taken,

Those not.

Life is not about the destination but the journey.

Our destinations are all the same, the ground,

But our journeys are not.

So we must fly high, sing loudly, love deeply

Forget easily and run wild and free.

Things will always change, you mustn't hate yourself,

The "what ifs" are what kill the soul and deteriorate the brain.

Forgive yourself and trust in life,

The only time it will truly let you down

Is when it is time for you to move on from this world.

Don't fall, hold yourself up and live,

Whether you want to be singer, model, or writer,

You may change and as a result so will your dreams.

Be open to change,

It's life's middle name.

Don't always be fixed in what cannot be fixed.

Roll with the good you have and travel as far as you can with it,

Roll with life and it will stay by your side

Even if you may not know what that necessarily means,

Just be strong and hold onto your astronaut dreams.




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