Forever My Father

Dearest Father,

From my first breath to my first day of school

You were there for them both.

You held my hand and kissed my cheek,

And did what you could 

To protect me from the harsh world.


And I know we have our fights.

Our big and little misunderstandings,

But even through them all

I know you'll always be where I need you.


From my first heartbreak

To my first steps down the isle,

I know you'll be there for them too.

You'll be there when the other boys forget me.

I'll have you to hold me in your warm embrace.

To hug me so tight

That all of the pieces of my shattered heart

Stick back together as one.

You'll be there to give me away

To my future love.

To someone who will be my prince. 

And I know that this thought 

May cause you sadness.

You may feel that I'm growing up too fast.

That I'm no longer the little girl 

That you work so hard to protect

The one you shield from the monsters 

That lurk in the world.


Oh but dad,

You will always be the one 

To scare away the terrible monsters.

The one I look to when I need a hug.

The one that cheers the loudest

At my games and performances, 

And at my future graduation.


As the years go by and we grow older

Always remember this -

You were the first boy I loved.

The first one to hold my hand.

The first one to love me unconditionally.


I may one day find my prince.


But dad, you'll always be my king.

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My family
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