What You See is Not All That Life Gives

Take off your glasses, the world is a blur.

People messed up, clothes on backwards,

life is an abstract art-

hard to decipher.

Stand on your head, everything is flipped.

Others walking on air, basketballs bouncing up

you feel like a fool.

Put on your glasses, get a new perspective of the world.

Life may be hard but rewards are soon to come.

There are good things and bad things- just accept the fact,

look towards the future, live a new life.

The past doesn't haunt, it doesn't make you who you are.

Just learn from the life lessons the world gives to you.

Here may be a desert, but over the hill

is the green grassy meadows and the baby blue sky.

All you've got to do is just try

'cause it's all in your mind.

Looks and appearances are not what matters.

What's inside is the real deal- the real beauty.

There's always another side to a coin, another side of your world.

It all depends on you, which side will you choose?


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