Changes. Some good, some bad. From green leaves to brightly airbrushed orange, a crooked smile to a smile worth smiling for, from being a child to becoming an adult. These are good changes. But with everything good comes a bad. Those leaves that were once rich with green pigment turned crispy, crunchy, wispy. Blown and scattered against the hard pavements of the gutter. And that crooked smile that was once one worth smiling for, now you have a sad story behind it. You were made fun of your mouth of Picasso. No confidence, no more happiness. An ugly, plain, ordinary smile. A frown within. From a child, becoming an adult. To adolescence. Nobody cares. You're gunna be like the rest of them. Programed robots. Miserable. The inevitability that you're growing up. You grow. And then you die Oh the changes we go through.


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