"I want"

I just wanna be loved/ held by a nigga that understands and excepts who I am and who I once was/ touched by a man that's not scared to get deep/ that's not scared to remove the mask he has for the world and unveil a unguarded human being/ I just wanna be desired/ not only for my flesh and all the superficial shit that can be made up and undressed/ but for my mental and the desire to want to connect with my soul/ I just wanna be understood/ looked at observed with real interest the way a mechanic does a car when he pops the hood/ I just wanna be valued/ looked at as priceless, irreplaceable/ I just wanna be your equal/ if I'm eating you eating, you eating we eating, me, you, we to us that shit all boils down to the same thing/ I just wanna be important/ not just a casual accessory that you sporting/ I just wanna be told the truth to/ and know that your loyalty is mines and for you to know mines will never become questionable/ I just want a connection that can't be interfered with/ no one from the past, present, or future can come in between because our bond can not be fucked with/ I just want to be cherished/ and never doubted for whom my heart resides with/ I just wanna to be trusted by a real man/ one that never questions where I stand/ one that lets me in intellectually and emotionally/ one that never lets the outside depict where we as a team should be/ I just wanna be loved/ loved the kinda way that is rare to find in this world/ a kind of love that you have to be willing to give in your all/ a kinda of love that is authentic and raw/ excepting whatever may come our way/ determined as a team that our ties will never be dissolve, decay and fade away.   

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