I Am a Teacher

I am a secondary English teacher.

At least, I dream to be.

I want nothing more

than to shape a generation

and inspire people like me

to want to teach

and create

and grow

and learn

for the rest of their lives.


I am an English teacher.





I can make kids see the world

and inspire them to choose a new favorite book.


Most importantly,

I am a teacher.

Regardless of subject or passion,

my goal is to inspire minds

and make people feel.

I cannot have a bigger impact

than a high school.


High schools today

are filled with uncaring teachers,

people who tell you no when you ask a question.

I am not like that.

I want to be everything my best teacher was

and everything my worst teacher was not.


I know I can succeed someday.

I am trying so hard to reach my goal,

and I know without a doubt I can make it.


Give it a few years,

and you'll be seeing my name

followed by a Teacher of the Year award.


I can do it,

and I know I can.

Because I am a secondary English teacher.

Because I am an English teacher.

Because I am a teacher.

Or, at least, I want to be.

So I will be.

Just watch me.


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