The Trial: What's the truth?


In Sanford,Florida 2012

Trayvon Martin was shot but who's going to jail

Word says that Zimmerman shot him and pleaded self-defense

But who really knows the truth without real evidence

Policeman left to right

They found Zimmerman with blood on his face that night


Taken to the police department he was questioned

moments later he was released with no questions

Is this about racism?

Which is the conflict being said

Everyone has their own opinion

But what's the truth from the dead


Eight counts of witnesses

Different stories but the truth

That matters will all be over when the judge enters the room

No need to be prejudice

Just do right and be fair

Since Zimmerman posed no threat to the community

And a teen was left dead


If it wasn't self-defense

Justice will be served

But if it was dismiss the case

And rest those nerves

No matter what happened

Trayvon was shot on that day

But the real story is ...

What will happen when the jury gives their say?


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This is pretty good! Speaks truth to me.

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