I wonder, where are we


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I wonder, where are we going?

We’ve sat here for years,

Reading and noting,

Learning but never knowing.

What it is that lies ahead:

Is it joy, is it dread?

Will the fabric of our lives unravel into thread?


How can we be prepared

For a world we never dared

To dip our toes into?

A world we’ve only seen

Though other peoples’ eyes.

You tell us to trust them and jump.


I wonder, where will we land?


Can you feel it?

The possibilities flowing

On the other side of tomorrow.

Give me your hand and you can borrow,

My shoulder if you want.


Don’t worry about the small things

The ups and the downs

We’re in this together

I’ll save you, don’t drown


And if the world keeps telling you

That you’re not good enough

Scoff it away, spit in its face

Because you are the meaning of tough


You are afraid, but you can do this.

I know, because I’ve seen you,

You’ve grown into something new

That so few knew you could do.

Scraped knees, wounded pride,

You’ve screamed and you’ve cried.

You’ve learned from the sky

That it’s ok to be blue,

And the sky has wept along with you.


Because you’ve learned, never knowing,

From friends and teachers

And life and growing.

The stories you’ve loved,

The people you’ve told,

The kisses and hugs,

The hands that you hold


You’ve grown and you’ve changed,

All in all for the better,

Every letter of your name

The same yet more clever.

Stronger, a bit faster,

Maybe taller, you bastard.


You are the success story

I will whisper

Into hearts and against ears,

You’ve been improving,

By leaps and bounds for years.

I can’t wait to see you

Grow into forever.

As together,

We live our dreams apart.


So curl your hands around the reins,

Skip your feet like stones against the water,

These are only growing pains

As your heart does backflips

And you flip back

Through the pictures

You used princess stickers to tape down

To the pages of memory

Afloat in mind’s seas,

You learned to swim

By refusing to let be.


I wonder, where will we go?

When everything and nothing,

Is unfound and unknown?

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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