Future Job

Half past 9, I start to arise.

I'm ready for my day to begin, goodbye bed, my dear friend.

Hustle and bustle through the hall, I fear I will never get a call.

A call that says "Congratulations, you've got the job!"

When will I know I have given it my all?

Restless hours upon hours without a full night's rest, I'll be dammed if I don't ace this test. 

Young drunken adults screaming with joy every night, I pray to god one day I'll see my name in light.

Light that shines without fear, hoping my destined job will soon be here.

Wherever it is right now, wherever my success will take me, dear god please

pray for me.

There it is, my motivation. 

My mother thinks I'm already due for a vacation.

"Don't worry, Corey, you'll figure it out!"

I just nod my head and avoid a pout.

Half past 3, I doze off to sleep.

I pray the lord, my soul to keep.

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