What Tomorrow Carried

March again; Revive; Awaken!
Build atop what has been taken,
Find your mantra, young disciple:
"Do not tarry; carry on."


We are children of Tomorrow;
Owing now what will be sorrowed,
If forgotten, martyred, borrowed,
"Do not tarry; carry on."

Here I claw for Terra Firma
Gasping pleas from echoed murmurs
Still, I hear the reaffirming:
"Do not tarry; carry on."

Dreaming dealings with the devil
Losing light for ground that's level
As if in some broken temple,
"Do not tarry; carry on."

I am haunted by the rubble
From yet unforgiven trouble;
Still, these ruins somehow echo
"Do not tarry; carry on."

And the echo, with crescendo,
Gathers swift and flying tempo,
And the whispers turn to bellows
As the mantra turns to song;

Shining clearly through the ivy
covered fences, speaking wisely
come five words that ring to Heaven:
"Do not tarry; carry on."

And for a Moment, I was but a bird—

"Do not tarry; carry on."
Carried forward by Tomorrow
That had carried me before
"Do not tarry; carry on."
I rode graceful on the echo
Note by note, the stream yet flowed
A wordless melody that wrote:
"Do not tarry;
March ahead,
you know not what yet may live;
Fear is but a lonely token
of our lyrics left unspoken.
March ahead and know Tomorrow;
Know Tomorrow; carry on."

Never sacrifice the gift of Tomorrow
for Yesterday's forgotten sorrow
March vivace; March allegro;
Know Tomorrow; carry on.

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