Thu, 04/18/2013 - 17:45 -- Lydeey


United States
38° 49' 0.156" N, 77° 6' 29.6784" W

Slow walkers, fast talkers
Book seekers, key keepers
Walking in pairs, retro chairs
Carved rock, a slow ticking clock
Striped bags with nametags
A fire escape, some blue tape
A quiet class, a wall of glass
The map of rooms; a student doom
A light left on; the teacher's gone
White socks, a door locks
Pink nails, cleaning pails
Wooden doors, checkered floors
Writing notes, text-filled totes
Bubble gum, "this poem is dumb"
A faded hat, a friendly pat
A place to learn, knowledge to yearn
Time to burn, a life to earn.


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