Future Outlook

Tue, 04/28/2015 - 16:51 -- asianme

Life a progressive matter
Going back is never an option
Move forward until the latter
We’re stuck in a state of motion

There once was a boy determined
His mind set to see the future
His thoughts not yet undermined
For he saw his present clean and pure

Working towards his goal
He falls into a pit of regret
Nobody else to carry his load
No one who claims to be on his debt

Towards the future he looked
Realizing he left those he loved behind
Yet he realized what he overlooked
He tried to go back only to find

He found that he can’t turn back
A lot has changed since he left
No one cares what he now lack
Truly he has fallen to become inept

Yet the boy stays true and hard
Look the future he says with heart
As he dealt every last card
Nobody truly knew where he depart

Our hero obsessed with time
The future he says is bright and happy
Only to find out that it’s a crime
It steals those you fail to make happy

Our hero trapped in demise and time
Moving forward he says needs a little time
Only to realize that he has spent his time
In his last of moment wishing for more time

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Our world


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