Dear Future Please Forgive Me (Questions From My Future's Past)

Dear Future Self,


Do you remember the beat

The thumping of feet

Up and down the halls

In and out of classrooms

Whispered secrets in the walls


Are you glad I’m far away

Did you ever find the plans I laid

Do you follow the course I now am on

The path I once set for you

The one I’ve been on for so long


Do you still feel the weights

Now forcing me to stay

This heavy ball and chain

That drags me down

Sucked in by silent empty pain


Do you still struggle with depression

And are you taking your medication

Have you let go of your anxiety

What I try to release

But always consumes me


Oh and does our world still crumble

Every day a new struggle

Cyclone bombs and hurricanes

Drone strikes and wars

Politics that drive me insane


Is every day filled with fear and stress

Gobbled up by the hungry press

Are school shootings a legitimate threat

Are there children being killed

By people with a horrible mindset


And have you contributed to change

In this world that is so strange

Achieved at last that goal

What I work hard to achieve

Filling up this big black hole


My dear are you still angry

With those people who betrayed me

Still silent toward your father

Or have you forgiven him

For not addressing his disorder


Do you see my best friend

My sister always, to the end

Tell me we’ve not grown apart

The thought of which

Would break my heart


And did you ever meet your brother

Same father, different mother

Did you finally feel ready

Will I ever get to see him

And will he get to know me


Do you remain so stubborn

Is your will still smelted iron

Are you fiercely independent

Holding fast to your dreams

And refusing to relent


Are you still sarcastic and witty

Sassy but kind of gritty

With a stare as cold as winter’s frost

When you're feeling angry

Your passion never lost


How much have we changed

Or are we still the same

Have you forgiven me

For all the mistakes I've made

Let go of what once was

And learned to love what you have found


See you soon.


With love,

Your Past Self


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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