The Dream that will one day be


What this money means to me 
Is that one day I'll succeed
I'll succeed to achieve my dreams 
The dreams that will make future children believe that anyone from anywhere can fully be whatever they wanna be because of this money I'll be able to achieve this dream
The dream that would be physically impossible without the help of this money
They weren't joking when they said money makes the world go round 
Making this world that was carefully put together by a creator or the Big Bang whatever your beliefs may be 
From the past
The present we have now would be nothing without the green
I don't mean the green from the trees but the green from the bills that may be in our pockets 
Without a fat wallet you can't achieve much in society
But what is truly achieving in a society that only cares about money?
To spend it on iPhones , Gucci belts and Polo hats?
To appear as we have a million bucks on the streets but come home to a house that has no food in the fridge , that has a heater that can't be put on high due to the pg & e bill being to high .
Is the clothes we wear and the fancy things we own worth the struggle of living in a place we can barely call home??
It's not . There are people dying on the streets , on our streets. Communities we have grown up in because they were hungry . 
Hungry for food.
Hungry for warmth.
Hungry for knowledge.
Knowledge of knowing there rights because police brutality is a tradition to the officers of my city.
Shooting kids because they seem like a "threat" when these officers are the ones aiming there guns to our face when we are just trying to go home. 
We all need to step up for one another to prove our statistics wrong.
To beat the system and to one day be the ones working within the system to make positive changes for all.
But it all goes back to the green.
To the money.
The money that makes the world go round.
It will help me succeed.
It will allow me to achieve my dreams.
My dreams that the next generations will continue to believe that one day we can all achieve our own dreams by bringing our communities out of poverty 
as long as we get the green 
not from the streets but from programs like these to emphasize how we have the potential to achieve the dream that will one day become reality. 


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