Wishful Memories

Memories from childhood bounced out of a thick fog in her mind.

Wishing her siblings would learn to leave her things alone.

Wishing, for just one day, she could live in a quieter house.

Wishing she would not have to yell of scream to get her point across.

Wishing she had somebody to understand everything her parents would not.

Look back she cringes.

Did her really go through a time when she wished thoughts would turn into true demons, granting her every wish?

Did she not realize, without the past there is no future?

Her family helped her find who she was and without it, where would she be?

Without her family, she would have nothing.

She would be trapped in a completely different world.

She could be alone, waiting tables to feed a family back at home.

She could be with "friends," going out to drink on a school night.

She could be resting six feet under from a traffic accident when she was little.

But she is not.

And she knows.

She knows that whatever happens, she will make it through.


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