What about me?

A picture is worth a thousand words
That I have always been told
But, what about the person inside?
That no one will know

Deception hidden within a smile
My eyes overflowing with lies
A broken story I'm forced to weave
Dark clouds in a threatening sky

A perfect image of confidence
So sweet and self-assured
But, to those who truly know the truth
Do they know the pain I have endured?

Unease I hold within my heart
It can never shake
To those who hide inside a lens
Do you know what makes me break?

Fear soon floods inside my mind
Much more than I can take
As I start to wonder what is ahead
The pain begins to ache

A path that stands in front of us
A long and winding road
Ahead of us stands the future
Filled with possibilites of the unknown

Leading to our destiny
For fate we will take hold
And there I await breathlessly
Daring myself to finally be bold

A stand I will take
My dream I will uphold
My own path I will make
But, for what?
That I do not know

Birds in flight we have become
Spreading our wings to break free
And here I wait upon the ground
while I whisper "What about me?"

"Don't leave! Don't leave!"
I shout to those who know their way
And I wonder if I had always been so naive
To not acknowledge the unavoidable dismay

The path is growing small
My feet I cannot move
Only can I stand and watch
As they all carry something to prove

My heart begins to break
The tears begin to fall
Why is it that everything aches?
When it feels as if I have no future at all?

I promised to make a path
To spread my own wings and fly
But, how am I supposed to?
When it all seems like a lie?

The road I can no longer see
I know that I am left behind
Why can't I make time rewind?
Until I can stop saying "What about me?"

"Am I too late? Am I too late?"
I shout from down below
Perhaps, I took too long to wait
As everyone else......begins to go

The path has disappeared
Now, I realize I am on my own
There is nothing that I can do
Why? Because, I am all alone

My voice it rings one more time
Another cry that it shouts
I cannot hope to make this climb
Not when I'm drowining within my own doubts

"No! No, please!"

And I can only watch them leave
As I stand aside and quietly whisper
"Wait! But, what about me?"

"What about me?"

"What about me?"

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