Words to the Future


Some words can be traded, but not taken back

Some goals can be set, but not quickly accomplished,

So for the future of us, let’s set our words right before our goals.

And show the children with their untold tales within them that instead of fearing things like the boogieman, bears, or even death is nothing

It’s just a bug in your hand, a small critter.

And there is more to worry about later down the road,

And I’m not talking about a rival gang, drive by shooters, or kidnappers are around every corner, just advising not to worry when they do come around

Because life will swing at you for blinking at the wrong time.

So before the bills to be paid, the work to be done, or the love to be found,

Stay on the tight rope of your ambitions and life goals because

There will be people that’ll try to bring you down

And tell you that you can’t because of money, your sex, the color of your skin, or even the way you were born

Instead of falling off because of their words, bring yourself up, grasp the rope tighter and do not succumb to them.

There will be discouragers by the abundant, but the few encouragers are even more powerful.

You have the right to pursue

What it is that makes you happy,

Whether it’s going to space, working in a bank, or being a boxer

Stride for what you want and don’t look back,

Take my words and don’t give them back

Because what you have ahead of you is better

Just be strong when life swing and if you need help,

You need only to ask.

I will try to say the right words to set you on your path.


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