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Walk right in and take a seat.

Can you smell the tears of defeat?

The seat is warm, and toasty just like your dinner with Aunt Rosie.

He speaks to you, and your body gets tense.

You tell him the weather, and he tells you what you dread.

The room starts to freeze over; your body gets numb with a deep Odor.

You look at him and he looks at you, the first one to talk gets to the fruits.

Tell him this first, and he will be there, Tell him this second and he will be scared.

The train has started you got him on the run; now that you boarded he looks at you and shuns.

He shakes your hand as you both stand and leave the room.
“Enter now!” the man screamed into the connecting room.

You walked away with a tense of retreat, until you opened your wallet and saw a dried-up receipt.

Home at last you find out your parents were only wealthy in the past.

What can you do? Maybe complete a FAFSA .

Looks like the government just passed you up.

No money to spare, no hope left or right.

It’s in the hands of God to provide for your fight.

The day is almost over; your future is very slim.

Until a voice in your head gives you a sign from the web.

Apply for scholarships; it’s your only last chance!

One day you’ll go back to that man and tell him I’ve been to France.


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