Dear Younger Me

Dear Younger Me, with eyes so bright

Dreaming of the future all day and all night

Your fantasies soaring like eagles across the blue

Your imagination skipping like pebbles do

If I could offer this for the days ahead

A few words that shouldn't go unsaid

The plans you're making for tomorrow, today

Are going to get a little messed up along the way

And when it does, Darling, please dont fret 

I promise you're not finished yet

It may seem as though it's taking forever

That you've gotten to old for this endeavor

But I'm here to tell you that we will succeed

Those dreams in your head are coming true, indeed

I haven't lived til we're old and gray

Still I know we've had some incredible days

Some good and some bad, laughter and tears

But overall, some beautiful years

So dear younger me, keep on believing

For we are proof of what comes from dreaming



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