The Burden


Burden by definition something oppressive or worrisome

And what I refuse to be


Mother I’m sorry must have said that phrase a million times

People must be stupid I’m not dropping out to kick some rhymes

You too smart to throw your life away is what she said

Every day I lay inside my bed and this replays up in my head

What was I thinking my freshman year?

There couldn’t have been a thought

Looking back on my life they’re so many lessons that could be taught

In December faced a setback when my friend passed

But that’s no excuse I probably still could've passed that 1 class

Not the average rapper but isn’t that what they all say

Forget that he say she say and just put this song on replay

She keep on yelling go DJ I’m not Wayne and this ain't 04

If I was in Kanye shoes then I would gladly take a photo

If it meant that I could get some space to breathe

Take it easy

I’m from the state of Georgia things are peachy believe me

The music that I’m hearing in repetitive abundance

About the money cars and clothes where to get it and how to flaunt it

Is getting old quick

Money hungry rappers make me so sick

I need a break from school so I can focus

Stop and smell the roses

Cause life has never promised tomorrow

And you not really a leader if you asking someone to follow

Okay you broke the elder wand but I’m the last deathly hollow

Here’s a cup of water I know that I’m a hard pill to swallow

I also realized that the world is really filled up with sorrow

I got a windy city flow but I didn’t come from Chicago


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