My Future

Sun, 07/13/2014 - 23:41 -- abbyj17

In over a month I will no longer be here,

I’ll be on my own, in a dorm, choosing a career.

I was told to pursue my very own dream

I didn’t know if it would be what it seemed. 

So I began to day dream about that day… 

I was on the golf course swinging away 

I heard a noise unlike any other

We heard one crash and then saw another. 

We jumped on the cart and rushed toward the cars

Hoping everyone would come out without scars.

My instincts kicked in and I rushed toward the driver

Hoping she was not the only survivor.

She was eighty four years old and frightened to tears,

She said “I’ve never had an accident after all these years”

As the lady in the passenger seat was gasping for air

I told her please don’t move in your chair.

I kept them talking and very alert 

I tried to ease their pain and take away the hurt.

I held the old ladies hand and told her do not fear,

The ambulance is almost here. 

I knew at this moment what I wanted to be,

Both of these ladies had taught me to see. 

I wanted to help and make sure they were fine,

I felt my future was one of a kind.

A nurse is what I wanted to be,

Loving, caring, and always happy.

The ambulance arrived and we sent them off,

And in those few minutes I had learned enough. 

Scared of the future most people will be, 

But at least I knew that will never be me.  

I’m ready for the future that I now see,

I just hope the future is ready for me.


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