To catch the sky

Mon, 08/29/2016 - 16:57 -- Sspence

My teacher always said,


Go home and write

A whole bunch tonight

And let words flow form you-

Then, it will be true.


I have lived in St. Louis for nine years.

I have been away from Washington D.C. for nine years.

I am 19 years of age and was born in March.

While living in Washington D.C. I went to Malcolm X Elementary.

Many things happened; I still have vivid dreams about being there to this day.

Then I began attending Hazelwood Central Middle and progressed.

As of right now I am a freshman at Florissant Valley Community College.

On each day looking out a school bus window going home,

There’s one thing noticed no matter where I was going,

The sky always seemed to follow,

It had many faces that would change my mood,

Whether it was raining cats and dogs,

Or even when the sun peaks out the clouds

Gives the earth a warm hug,

To me the sky held every thought I had about anything.

Yet, it still had a hold on my attention.

Of course I never resisted to it, because it relaxed me,

Pulling me into it without physical contact,

But I want to try and see if I am able to catch the sky.


I’ve been parallel from it,

Even more so it’s raining,

 I like to watch the rain and lighting from the sky,

The loud and startling sounds from it dance across the sky in plain sight,

Soon after the rain has stopped,

The beautiful sun is brings me happiness,

To see a clear sky again is very comfortable feeling for me,

I don’t really like the weather becoming extremely hot,

Then I will have to watch the sky from inside my home,

This is where my notebook of exploding art is hidden beneath my bed,

Holding songs, drawing and painting from my head,

My drawings are inspired by anime and I read a lot of books.

I like getting lost in a book and pouring myself into my drawings.

I have to use my imagination as a tool to be creative and unique.

And I’m glad that’s something I’m good at as an artist.


When the sky becomes night,

It holds many mysteries and wishes of mine,

I wish to become a famous artist for a game company.

When that wish is granted,

I hope the sky will let me grab that wish in return for a star,

I will grab that wish from the stars when I become that artist,

When that happens I hope that I will feel closer to the sky

This is true for all,

A dream, a wish, a gift in its own way,

I want to make a mark on the world

Then I will be able to finally catch the sky

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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