From darkness to light


There was once a time of sorrow.

She had a lot of fears.

Life was hell,

and a constant reminder of the cause of her tears.


Nights were particularly bad,

the darkness surrounded,

plaguing her thoughts of her past.

She couldn't sleep,

her mind was too clouded.


As time went on,

the scars began to fade.

The memories of her dark past

gets further and further away.


She has high ambitions,

and wants to help others.

To be the one to get them through all their issues,

and save a few lives.

To help them recover,

and help them want to stay alive.


I am this girl.

I was once broken,

and have been through many hardships.

With love,

and help from the right people,

I have moved on,

and risen way above my foregone darkness.


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