Please Change before im gone


What do you want to see changed in your classroom or school?


that are worthless

that don't care

that don't help and make no difference in students.


that dress slutty

aspire to be a house wife on welfare

only their to cause trouble waste time and sell drugs. 


that arent ever their

that let you drop important classes

and never actual guide you

but just inform you that your failing at the last second when you can't do anything about it.

 ASB they are in control of all events that happen on campus.

yet their planing is sh**

my senior year will be sh**

prom in a run down place no one knows where it is

home coming in the cafeteria

senior hall of fame voting no one knows where it is or who the hell is running.

I want them all to change into

teachers that inspire to do better not give up or give passing gradefor deserving students not for being teachers pet.

students that care about their future and want to go on and do great things with their lives

counselors that do a better Job of informing you that your failing; that keep you up to date on your progress; that make it their duty to do their jobs to the best of their abilities not just half a** everything.

ASB to make my senior year great because its my last year and i want it to be great not huge F*** up because they cant get it together.

My whole school needs a change and i hope it happens before i leave because how sad would it be if everything change the minute i leave.



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