History Books


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The History Books

What will the history books say
Of our lively and timely escapade?
Will we be remembered as great?
Or are we the keepers to hell’s gate?
Time is a curious and funny friend
The things of now are different in the end.
We like to think we have control
over our future legacy as a whole
Maybe we do, but if that’s true
what does that mean for me and you?
I want to be remembered as an influencer
Someone that changed something for the better
I want my Grandchild’s great-grand children to stand in a crowd
and proclaim that he is of my lineage and proud.
I wish not to be among the scourge of history
Forgotten, Fabled, and a falsely imagined school day query
And maybe its all vain, but is it wrong to want said
that long ago such a man, perhaps a hero long dead
And that that man be myself In some small way
Maybe the truth will be but a bit more than the origin of what they say.
But oh well, I feel that should be a goal of any person
To achieve timeless survival and recognition.
For the people of today’s history made us
Through their actions and the events thereof and thus
I feel it is important to strive to be
among that timeless role model of humanity.


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