Perspective makes us active

that´s what outlooks does to you

isn´t that true

obviously  you don´t have a clue

well now I argue

life is too short

to just always think and sink


your future thoughts

now I do have second thoughts

this one is for you

did you know

that I always think and dream

so upstream

all about you

imagined you

as my cream de la cream

but honestly you are just my downstream

I´m tangeld in my imagination

let me show you my dilation

I tell you what I mean

be carefull

that isn´t all clean

more nasty almost overhasty

I live here in my dynasty

well build up

but I´m about to bust it up

just keep listening

for me it´s self  hardening

it really became my thing

so I became King

met you pretty random

thank you

through you

I created my fandom

I was lost

you were always hindmost in that corner

cause you pulled me like a magnet

so I always needed my dragnet

you tried

to drag me down

I became that hag

you cut me with your crag

self - esteem so low

that I fit in your handbag

Imagined imbecelity

so that I couldn´t feel any felicity


this is how I describe my thoughts

faster than I can forbid

it´s so morbid

so my outlook

yes my outlook

transforms into a simple look

so that I can see my nook

that is directed towards my future

so that I can see my miniature

that will come out

huge and loud

so that I won´t see another cloud

and I can finally scream



I can be proud

proud to shout it all out

extremly proud

for you it will appear like a thundercloud

no you´re the one who should see himself lucky

that I allow you to be in my life

so mucky

all these thoughts made me plucky


you won´t be here to see me

how I capture my future

better precure your life

because when I´m not longer a part of yours you will feel the cold

than you are not longer bold

you will become old

and one day

you will see me again

and see how I became gold

without needing your hand to hold

yes please consider me as very cold

now I´m the bold







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