My Internal Argument

Thu, 05/16/2013 - 20:28 -- LMarkey


United States
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Is it normal to dread the final day of my high school existence?
Is it normal to be intimidated not excited by my approaching college enrollment?
For twelve years I have focused completely on my goal of a college education.
I wanted this; I pushed myself extremely hard to make this opportunity.
Why then am I feeling this way; am I really so fickle?
Could it be that I hate leaving the place that has provided me so much loving support?
Could it be that now that it’s a reality I am afraid and unable to fly from the nest?
What about my friends, will we really keep our promises to stay in touch for ever?
Must I really do this; can I rewind the clock and not try so hard to be admitted to college?
Wait a moment, who is this person inside my head? Leave me alone.
I tingle with excitement when I think of this new life.
The world is opening up to me and I am free to explore the horizon.
I crave new experiences and to be in control of my own future.
Bring it on. I’m up for the challenge, and I will succeed!


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