When I do Die

Looking into the eyes of a savage beast
I see blood that boils beyond the breaking point
and beneath his feet are the brittle bones
of the ones he's put an painful slumber.

He approaches quickly and I am frightened.
I am frozen in my place staring into his eyes.
There is no escape and as he gets closer
and closer and closer
I notice he is not a beast at all.

Hands reaching out to me
he is a friend and not a foe
he is the light I saw this morning I woke to
but the sun is no longer shining
and I wonder why the sun is out at such a late hour.

I walk to him, captivated into silence.
He is calling to me wordlessly
and I welcome the sweet caress of his silence
as the world around me protests and tells me to
run, run, run, run.

I hear the screams that mark my funeral
but the infatuation has gone too far.
I am close to him now and I feel it.
The darkness is touching my blazen flesh
and cooling me to a fatal low
and I swim in the darkness with the sun
who says it is time to set.

I see the crimson fire before my eyes and know
I should have taken 1,000 steps toward home
but my body could not help but to walk to the sun
because all I crave is the light
that I have been deprived of for too long.

I see the sweet prince that is my one love
and I fall before him choking
on the atmosphere he's made just for me.
As I die I feel so special.

He's made this death just for me.

I am dying by the scarlet clawed hands of my soul.
He's my soul.
He's made this victorious and vacant death just for me.

There is nothing more I have ever wanted
than to be cut to peices
drowned into breathlessness
by the dark beauty of my own vicious soul
when I do die.


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