Over the moon and around the sun we walk in the darkness looking for more than what seek the light but more like what's deep inside.
Past the waves and washed up ashore among the rage of freedom and salvation that we run against the face of gravity losing control of the safely land that rose still.
Trying to let words no longer having the power to kill ..
Only to uplift the words that try to heal the tracks that led up to destruction of the veins that made me function.
Forced to the point of confession that abused the meaning of adventure we image as a fairy tail .
To be inborn in a world where dreams were imprinted in a book that locked up the use of imagination .
Staying stuck in the participation of the mirrors that made us all look the same.
Who has the ability to break the chain of the narrow road that made me chill to think of me walking alone .
Time waits on no one that if it didn't exist
it would only leave me further behind from the future and closer towards the past.
Taken for granted the presents to not acknowledge the purpose of memories being built but memories being ignored .
Wondering the shallow rocky road to strive for perfection.
Breaking right underneath the wings trying to fly right up to continue to be pushed by the wind that makes you miss your turn
Not being able to reverse the steps you took ...
Possibilities that tangle your mind in thoughts to thinking what could have happened and what should have happened to forget the choices you made...
it can be something you can learn from.
A mile away and more roads to follow ,more times to make mistakes.
Looking back on the shadow that never breaks free from the road we all question
but the road we must take in order to reach ourselves ...
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



The road we all must take but the road that makes us determine the rest of our lives A path that we are told to look forward and walk straight being distracted by the turns and cracks that makes us lose focus and to try and keep track of where our steps can take us

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you said this brilliantly

we all have to take roads, it comes down to which direction we'll take that will keep us safe!


Yes that is so true That's Why I wrote this poem.
Thank you so much for your support

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

anytime imani

you supported my work, it's only right i support your amazing brilliance

keep writing

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