Celestial Star


I am Celestial - Celestial Star.

That is the name that I was given, and it exquisitely illuminates me as vivid lights do a distant city amidst a black night,

For my mind and heart never cease to weightlessly float away, without warning, toward the rich blue-violet heavens they call imagination.

But strict reality is the gravity that drags those fantasies to the bitter ground,

And its ignorant lifestyle is the hand that traps them in an opaque jar, clouding the view of the world outside.

Residing in a small town that is unfamiliar to most has caused my curiosity to thrive and shape the wanderlust hunger that resounds throughout my entire existence.

What exactly is out there?

My greatest resolve was a camera that always focused my thoughts on the future, as an escape from the present,

For the present continued to throw limitations at me even when I wanted nothing more than to explore the wide expanse of the unknown.

Although the world is still the bokeh in a photo – vague to my eyes – my desires remain lucid.

All of the patient daydreaming will soon be replaced with actual experiences,

Because my curiosity will be set free from that opaque jar.

Almost there.

This world has so much for me to do, and I will expose my camera’s lens to captivating moments so that I never feel cut off from the world again.

Just a little longer.

Never will I reconcile with less than my dreams because I can create memories that will feed this aspiring hunger.

What is there to stop me, now?

As a ‘thank you’ for my gift, I sharpen the pencil that is my creative talent and use it to illustrate my life.

So I say, “Thank you, everyone, for upholding my dreams even though I am hard to understand.”

“Thank you, mother and father, for giving me the name Celestial - Celestial Star.”

I will firmly grasp it in my palm as I reach for the heavens, but this time it won’t just be in my head; it will be for real.


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