Embrace the Chaos


United States
43° 5' 1.5792" N, 73° 8' 41.3304" W


With so many paths that manifest beneath my feet,

How can I find myself crumpled like a letter that was never meant to be sent?

I wonder what would have happened if we never did meet.

How much of me did you take when you went?


Typical love-gone-wrong story. 

We’ve heard all this before. 

He stole her heart with all his glory. 

Then smashed it on the floor. 


Beneath this story, lies such common ground. 

For love is among the few forces that can speak without a sound. 

People: We’re not so different after all. 

Doesn’t everyone want someone to be there when they fall?


People: become trapped in such subtle differences; what foolish schemes. 

Life should be more than this; we’re more alike than not. 

We mostly share the same needs, wants, dreams. 

All life should prosper, and never be allowed to rot.


Not a single person is blessed with a single burden. 

They come in packages; packages that carry great weight. 

Crazy train with an overload of freight.

We must push back, endure, and embrace the chaos across the Universe we live within. 


Maybe one day things will actually improve, for everyone. 

Promise yourself to keep on smiling until that war has been won. 



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