I Will Continue On


Life never granted me wings but

It told me that I could glide on a single whisp of wind.


I breathe in promises of my potential.

I settle down in a nest of  sparkling lies.


No one want to be the anchor.

No one wants to be the one that saves the day.


I must travel the road that every one trembles to set foot on.

I must recognize that these are not promises but possibilities.


These hands will plant the feather  and 

That feather will thrive under my eyes and

I will soar with my own pair of wings.


I want to live not only in the sky

but to pulse through the stars

and to drift under the waves

and to scramble through all the forests

until I have touched every last corner of this Earth.


All of this is a possiblity.

And all of this lies tucked away within my dreams. 



I struggled with delusions for quite some time.

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