The Mess of My Mind


My mind is a mess

I tell myself

To take action 


I know what I want

I see it right there

But I need to do something


I want to lock

Myself in a white room

Where I have nothing

Except for things I need

To reach my ambitious goals


My mind is a mess

I want to make my family proud

I know it

My mind knows it

But my body doesn't listen to me.


It's summer break

That means no school for me




There's school for me

In my room to study


I keep being compared

To my brother or friend

There will be no more of that


The mind is a powerful thing

If you will it

You'll do it


Soon enough I'll get it together

What the future holds

No one knows


But I know that 

My future will be

Filled with a clear goal

Set on a clear mind

There'll be no more mess in my mind.


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