How to Be a Parent

Thu, 10/19/2017 - 09:18 -- lfauber

Let me be honest, I can’t really express it, and I don’t know how I should break it down


But ‘cause of you and the things you did, I’m happy you’re not around

But let’s both forget that now and let me tell you how you failed me—WOW

I thought you were supposed to love me ‘cause I came out of you--*Cha-Ching*

Hear that sound? Don’t you know money won’t ever make you happy?

One winter morning after Christmas, kick me out and I said “GLADLY”

Let me be honest, though, “family”

I needed you pretty badly

When I was suicidal teen bullied for being Korean

Now I don’t know what a true mother is but I know it isn’t whatever this is

The relationship I’ll have with my kids will forever outshine you or this dis

I’ll love them, praise them, and shit I’ll even raise them

And do everything you didn’t do for me to be person that’s through

With your deceit, and hate, and your gold digger ways

You can keep that shit the rest of your days

And I’ll support my kids and work hard for them to have food, water, and shelter—AMEN

And to prevent their minds from going helter skelter

I’ll provide them will mental health and care more

About them than you ever did with me

I’m through with our “family,” and your “love” is a disgrace

Oh and while we’re at it, I might as well spit this “mistake”

My love for you can just be replaced

So stay in Illinois, Michigan is MY happy place


This poem is about: 
My family



umm wow this is a resonating read i feel you through your words.

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