Fun Lovin'

The 21st century will come and go,

yet mankind will continue to put on a show. 

With hundreds of discoveries each day,

from phenomenon leaving scientists in tears,

striking new planets to inspiring cures, 

dangers that impose new fears,

somehow inventors find a way,

to battle the wrong things in the world,

and completing the painting of the Earth's beautiful mural. 

Impressive and stunning,

the world is painted with the breathtaking hues,

of the green blades of grass,

to the ocean's reflection of blues.

Yet the most extraordinary of all is, 

the rainbow after the rain, 

the promising blue skies,

that despite humanity's pain,

offers enough hope that will make worms want to fly. 

From encouraging people to achieve greater,

motivating beginners to try harder,

setting the greatest Instagram pictures,

to celebrating the world's greatest victors,

life's staggeringly motivational appearance,

in all peoples and places,

through persistance and perseverance,

makes it fun to be alive. 

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Our world
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