Am I able?


I am at the crossroads
I see what I can be and what I would have to do.
But I am scared, only I can decide what I can do,
And if I fail it is only myself to blame.
When I cannot sleep I look around, this is what I have, how do I do it justice?
Do I do what I have planned or do I let my dreams do what they will?
Just when I feel like hiding under my bed and covering my head,
I remember what happened when I sat on the grass and watched the songs pulse around me.
They called me “Brother”, these untouchable people called me “family”
At once I was scared and awed.
How can I do that justice, how can I keep up that level of faith,
Even if they didn’t know me it felt real.
But I also felt as if they realized that, they each had trial and grew stronger
At 16 Draiman, the voice of the Guy, had to watch as his world shook and turned,
Gray watched as the woman who raised him fell.
Maybe I have a chance, they did what they could and survived.
We can only watch what the future brings.
What music brings.
What we bring.
What we give.


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