Freedom is only a dream

Fri, 10/27/2017 - 00:01 -- N

Remember the times where we used to run wild

in the streets of our small town. Where we used

to be called the misfits of the day. Remember 

when we felt the thrill of the wind through our hair

when we raced in your old '59 Cadillac. Remember 

when we were carefree and nothing in the world

mattered to us except that moment callled the present.

Because I don't.

I don't remember a time in which I didn't care about the future.

I don't remember being carefree, maybe because 

my childhood got stolen from me, an innocent child

that never got to expirience the world in the most 

innocent way. I was prepared for college ever since I was

born. Brought up to the world with the knowledge that I had

to do better than my peers. I hated knowing that I had to 

choose a future in which I would be stuck in an office all day

in order to make my parents proud. This is where I am now

I don't even know if my happiness for being where I am

is all fake smiles, a lie I've told myself too much

that I had finally started to believe it. 

I didn't have that carefree highschool life, where you could

feel as if you could conquer the world, and that you were a king.

I had to stay far away from the "delinquent" life if I was going for

a better future. Because deep down I knew the minute that I would 

have a taste of freedom I would want to taste so much more. 

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