living in fear

I'm scared
Scared of what's to come
Scared of what has happened
Scared of what is happening
Scared of what could happen

I'm scared because I love a black man
I'm scared because I will  one day have a black child
I'm scared at the thought that I could someday lose them to unfair violence because of the color of their skin
I'm scared of what America has become,
A place where I must constantly worry because I have uncles, i have cousins,  i have friends
What happens if they're next? If they become the victim?

I'm scared of the unknown
I'm scared of being the one to get that phone call someday
I'm scared that I'll be the one having to Stand in front of others seeking justice for my loved one
I wish so much that this was in my head that I was making this up but I'm scared

I'm scared of the fact  that the color of my skin puts me at a disadvantage  regardless of my skills,  my intelligence,  my educational background,
I'm scared that the violence against my people will never end
I'm scared that I will one day have to raise my children in a world where they must live in constant fear for their own lives
I'm scared that I may not even get that chance

I'm scared that our voices will never be heard , that our  concerns will never be acknowledged,  that our sorrow will grow larger and our people more bitter
I'm scared
Scared of what's to come

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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