A roar unheard


a word, a whisper 

a shout, a scream

no one ever hears a thing 

....well unless it fits within their reality 


But I roar

hoping someone will read my song 

perhaps someone new will realize:

we can not find solutions without knowing the problems. 


Yet the old ignore 

....and the young adore, the drama in this "race"

but unless we stop and look around, the track will soon run out, 

So all we need is to stop and find our voices to roar the truth out-loud. 


Once we raise our words off of this page

problems will be known 

and solutions will be found 

the conditions of our track will be restored.


That is my hope and a future I will roar for until my voice runs out 

I hope that someone will roar along 

together young, old and new will fashion a new song 

a ferocious melody that will play on


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