Why hurt

There's never a statute of limitations on an apology.
Tell me what makes one think they are greater, or almighty.
Behaving ridiculously. disgraced
I am ashamed to be your neighbor.
When you can't respect the person next door
How can you expect love from someone, once more.
You are just as equal as the next person
Choosing to put them down because you're hurt and you're running
From your emotions
But what about theirs?
I don't understand how you can feel pain and make someone else feel the same
Knowing what they are going through.
Not allowing them to be a better person
Not realizing their heart is working
And yet you're repetitively crossing the line.
Breaking barriers that were set to never fall
You're supposed to be a brother catching another when they fall
Yet you're the one pushing them down
Expecting a crown
But looking up at sky with no patience, understand you are a clown.
We are quick to judge mercilessly and cry about others sins.
And yet to look at ourselves from within .
No one is perfect.
That thought itself is far fetched.
Yet, we let bullying exist
And sit around with no intent to stop it.
I'm only one person, but it's not who you are it's your message and input.
If you're passionate , let it be heard
Don't sit behind your words
And expect a change.
Because it will remain
Unless we stand up for what's right
Take a stance and fight.
This goes beyond our youth
Adults do it too.
Age has no place in our community
It no longer matters because everything is broadcast and setup but society.
Join me. Fight for a greater cause.
It's not about me. It's not about just you.
It's about us and the things we can do.
For the small people like me.
And the people who stand beautiful strong and tall like a tree.
For everyone to see
Love is more than skin, gender, and height love is pure
And knows no limitations
Forgiveness and apologies are strong and pure satisfaction.

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